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Here at Pleo, we’re not afraid of making a splash. In fact, we kind of like it.

Especially when it’s making a splash in a country like Sweden that has an appetite for doing business in a smarter way.

Pleo is an expenses solution that offers prepaid cards for all of your employees. Our software eliminates expense reports and simplifies spending in a way everyone will love.

It’s been a few months since we first started helping Swedish companies. We’ve grown fast and learned a lot.

And now we’re excited to announce we’ve got a new home for our growing team in Stockholm, some big events in the calendar and…

*drumroll, please*

… a kickass feature that so many of you have asked for: integration with Fortnox.

Pleo and Fortnox

More than 230,000 Swedish businesses rely on Fortnox to take the stress out of their finances.

We knew it was vital to ensure Pleo worked with it as seamlessly as possible.

So guess what? Our team made it happen.

“We knew there was a perfect synergy to be reached if we could connect Pleo and Fortnox,” says our Senior Product Manager Kasper Thybo, “because the type of companies that use both systems are so similar.”

“We heard from a lot of Swedish companies that this would be a next-level partnership if we could make it happen.”

Like Pleo, Fortnox puts a focus on the user experience – and they work together really well.

How Pleo works with Fortnox

Seamless integration

We’ve made it as simple as possible to connect your Fortnox account with Pleo. Simpy import your accounts, project codes, cost centres and verification series without any fuss.

Export your data to Fortnox easily

When you’re ready to push your expenses data to Fortnox, it’s incredibly easy to do. Expenses, receipts, cost account numbers, VAT and cost centres will all be transferred to the correct verification series in Fortnox.

Make the most of Fortnox

If you’re already a big fan of Fortnox, this is a chance to get maximum value from the software you’re already paying for.

We’re not sitting still

Pleo is making it our mission to continue to grow with Fortnox. We’ll make sure that our systems work flawlessly with theirs, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best for your business.

How to integrate Pleo with Fortnox

The first thing to do is to turn on the Fortnox integration from within Pleo.

1. When logged in to Pleo, go to Settings. You can find settings on the menu running down the left hand side of the page, under your profile picture.

2. You’ll see a list of services that Pleo can integrate with. Choose Fortnox from the list and click on ‘Continue’.

3. You’ll now be prompted to log in to Fortnox and add Pleo as an integration.

4. Open your profile panel in Fortnox. Click on ‘Administrera användare’. Under ‘Integrationer’, click on ‘+ Lägg till integration’. Search for ‘Pleo’ as an integration and continue.

5. Copy the ‘API’s integration code’ and come back to Pleo. Paste the code in Pleo and click on ‘Connect’.

6. Setup your verification series, contra account number, ingoing tax account number and tax codes.

7. Pleo and Fortnox are now set up. That simple.

Ekonomi & Företag

With some of Sweden’s top accountants, CEOs, CFOs and business thinkers gathered at Ekonomi & Företag, there was no way we were going to miss it.

Pleo’s Swedish team will be at E&F on 25-26 September at Kistamässan outside of Stockholm and we can’t wait to see you there too.

It’s the ninth year of the event, which is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.

80 exhibitors will be there to talk about their companies, swap ideas and hear about the developments that are shaping Sweden’s business future. That includes Fortnox (hi guys!), Visma spcs, Björn Lundén and FAR.

Throw in free talks on different topics to help you optimise and scale your business and it sounds unmissable.

But wait, it gets better!

At our booth we’ll be hosting small satellite talks, as well as showing people how Pleo works.

We’re excited too for the big networking session on the 25th – come mingle with us!

Click here to sign up for a free ticket to E & F.

Stockholm calling: We’ve found a new home

As Pleo’s customer base in Denmark grew, it was obvious that word was reaching Swedish businesses about our product.

And that’s why – after a few months of scrappy start-up life saw us working on the road or from home – we’ve just moved into WeWork on Malmskillandsgatan 32 in Stockholm.

It was time for us to find new headquarters: something that matched up with our bases in Copenhagen and London.

Something that showed how serious we are.

“With our new office in Stockholm we will be even closer to our customers,” says our sales lead Sebastian Klintberg.

“That means we can help more companies even faster.”

“We’ve worked really hard to create an outstanding user experience for Swedish companies that will completely change the way they handle expenses.”