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Pleo - Future Billion Dollar Company?

Feeling in need of some motivation? Well, you’ve come to the right blog post – because right now Pleo is feeling about as motivated as it gets.

The reason: We’ve been chosen as a top 10 contender to be the next billion-dollar European company.

GP Bullhound shone the spotlight on us in their influential annual Titans of Tech report

Their report suggests we have an 84% chance of becoming a billion-dollar business in the next three years. Which, we’ll be honest, is very cool.

The graphs above come straight from the must-read report, so do yourself a favour and check it out. You can download it here.

The report also highlights the importance so many tech companies have played in the global reaction to Covid-19: "Without Zoom, Google Classrooms, Amazon, Netflix, Fortnite… many would have experienced greater isolation and challenges."

From a European perspective, it was also so encouraging to read what the report had to say about emerging European tech “titans”. Names like Ayden, Spotify and Delivery Hero offer real proof of how robust the ecosystem continues to be – even with all of the recent challenges.

On top of that, Pleo has been marked out as one of the 50 most promising start-ups in Europe altogether – also very cool. 

Being mentioned alongside the likes of Qonto, Wolt and Personio has put some pep in our step and feels like some serious recognition for the hard work our team has been doing lately.

“We are honoured and excited to be selected by GP Bullhound for inclusion in this report,” says Pleo co-Founder and CEO, Jeppe Rindom.

“We started Pleo to kickstart a movement towards more transparent and autonomous business spending. Accolades like this help us prove that this movement is growing – in spite of times of adversity."

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