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Pleo's Customer Support team.

Customer support teams generally don’t get the love they deserve – from companies nor customers. 

Because customer service is at the core of every company’s success. They take care of the ins-and-outs of a business in a timely and professional manner. They’re the voice of the company for the customer, and vice versa – ensuring data points around product enhancements can be related back to Product teams. 

How much of an impact can good customer support actually have? In a study from Microsoft, 90% of consumers marked customer service as ‘somewhat to very important’ when it comes to their choice of and loyalty to a brand. 

Always the first to pick up the phone or answer an email, we think of our Support team as our everyday heroes at Pleo. 

And to give the team the kudos they deserve, we met with some of them to learn more about what goes on in Pleo Support. 

What does your day-to-day look like? 

“My day-to-day is never the same,” Munin Boontos Reinhard, Customer Support Specialist says, “Of course, I’m always talking with our customers through our various channels where we offer support but I also work cross-functionally a lot. From our Product teams to Customer Success to Compliance and Finance.”

Over the past year, our Support team has answered over 100,000 questions from our customer base.

“As a Customer Onboarding Manager, I’m overseeing the new hires and getting them on track and started at Pleo”, says Alex Maciuca, “I ensure they get a great understanding of our product and are trained and ready to start helping our customers.” 

How is Pleo’s approach different from other companies when it comes to supporting the customer?  

“Our product is mostly automated, so the Support team’s primary function is to be that human voice for our customers,” says Munin, “So essentially, solving all of their questions efficiently and in a very friendly and approachable way.” 

“We always try to 100% understand what our customers are asking before starting to resolve anything – this is a crucial first step”, adds Lukas Herterich, Senior Technical Support Engineer. “Then we provide visuals, content, and walk them through the solution, always allowing time for them to ask more questions if needed.” 

And when thinking about how Pleo’s Support is different from others, Sheelagh reflects on Team Camp (our annual company-wide get together). 

“Last September, when all of Pleo was together in Spain for TC and enjoying the activities, the (Support) team really came together and shared the responsibility of continuing to provide support to our customers. It just really shows their dedication”.  

What do you enjoy most about working in Customer Support? 

“Every day, I have the opportunity to learn because I have the chance to dig into any type of query and find the resolution. You learn so much about the product this way”, says Munin. 

“We have a lovely team – there’s a great spirit among us”, says Lukas. 

“In addition to the people, it’s very cool how quickly you grow if you are doing well in your job and how much you can contribute to the product and many other areas of the company – and knowing how much your feedback is actually acknowledged too.” 

Pleo’s support has a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%.

“To start, there is no better place to learn about the product than Customer Support”, says Alex. 

“We are a very dynamic team, and the role is challenging – it really gets the best out of you. And in our Copenhagen office, we have a very nice corner where we all sit and play awesome music!” 

What excites you the most about Pleo’s market expansion? 

“What excites me is bringing our product to more and more people as we enter new markets”, says Sheelagh Pirzada, Head of Customer Support. 

“And for the Customer Support team – meeting new customers, speaking new languages, and hiring even more diverse people to join our team.” 

And Alex has similar thoughts. 

“What excites is what also scares me a little! The changes that this will inevitably bring to our company dynamics – we’ll be bringing in way more people and this will require a great effort for everyone in the company. Not just People Ops, Go-to-market teams but every single corner of Pleo in keeping our super genuine and open company culture. 

“And that’s Pleo’s greatest success – maintaining Pleo’s spirit in the face of growth.”  

What does a good customer experience look like to you? 

“I think the way that we work in Customer Support at Pleo – product in mind, but customers at heart – is what I would categorise as good customer experience,” says Munin.  

“We champion the product but act as advocates for the customer internally in order to continuously improve the product for them”. 

“It has to be effortless for the customer,” says Sheelagh, “Of course, we have to answer their question but most importantly, they have to feel listened to, heard and know that we care.” 

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. 

Speaking to, educating and successfully helping customers forward is just one way we’re going to reach our mission of being the go-to spending solution for teams everywhere.

Maybe you’re the Norwegian-speaking Customer Support Specialist superhero we’ve been searching for (or Dutch, Finnish or German-speaking)?  

Whatever your strengths are, we’d be lucky to have you – check our Careers page and apply for any of our open roles today. 

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