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There are plenty of things that need your attention at work, right? Things that require that extra bit of focus.

Managing your team’s subscriptions can feel like one of those things.

Who’s paying for what service? Why? Are there duplicate payments costing your company? Pleo wants to help you answer with our new Subscriptions Overview.

And that’s just the start of this month’s news!

Get your subscriptions in order

We’re hard at work on a Subscriptions Overview, that will pull together all of your team’s recurring payments in one place.

It’ll empower your people to sign up for the tools they need, while admins get a full overview of every subscription. No more duplicate sign-ups that needlessly lose you money every month, or subscriptions that you still pay for – even though nobody uses them.

We really hope this helps Pleo users to save money and feel like they’ve got a grip on their subscription spending, across all teams

This feature is in Beta testing right now, so if you’d like to help us try it out, contact our product manager Miia.

Mileage finds a new gear 

It’s not that long since we launched business mileage tracker, allowing users to track their fuel costs through Pleo (as well as the rest of their business spending).

We’ve just made the first proper updates to Mileage – thanks to feedback from you.

Now, instead of one rate for everyone in the company, you can set up unique rates for each of your people.

The mileage rate can change when you reach a certain threshold (over 10,000 miles in the UK). With this new update, Pleo will prompt you to amend the rate when you hit that mark.

Integrate Pleo into any system with our coming Accounting API

Our direct integrations with accounting systems like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage make life easy for lots of Pleo customers.

But if your team relies on ERP software, we have some exciting news. We’re developing an accounting API that will offer you a whole new experience.

Help us shape it now by contacting our Product Manager Kasper.

The World of Work: Motatos

The fight against food waste takes commitment, enthusiasm and a really good business spending solution.

That’s what we learned when we visited Motatos, for the latest in our World of Work customer profiles.

OK, we also learned a lot about how big the problem of discarded food is for the planet – and the simple steps people can take to tackle it.

Watch their story 👇

So, that was Q1, 2021! We're proud to say that Pleo now serves more 15,000 customers across our markets and we're very grateful for each one.

We hope the year started on a bright note for you, we’ll be back next month. 

PS: If you’re looking for some more reading material, we recently looked at some of the strangest allowable business expenses. Who knew?!

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