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Forward, a digital summit powered by Pleo

We’re on a mission: to be the go-to spending solution for forward-thinking teams everywhere.

But we’re not stopping there… 

We stand for more. We stand for putting people first. We stand for company culture over profit. We stand for teams over processes. People are the driving force at every company, and we believe they should be in the drivers’ seat.

And we know we're not alone in feeling this way. Our customers, our partners and our friends of the brand are tied towards a common vision: to make everyone feel valued at work.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our very first event — Forward, a free, one-day digital summit for forward-thinkers at work. It's all happening on December 9th, 2021 (10:00 am –6:00 pm CET).

Bringing the forward-thinkers at work together

We’re inviting the industry leaders and the big thinkers from all over the globe to shed light on the challenging topics that affect every aspect of the world of work. 

Over 35 speakers will be sharing their honest truth about:

  • Mental health and resilience 
  • Diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Authentic leadership 
  • International hiring and scaling
  • Sustainability and preparing for the future 
  • Founder fails 

We spoke to Kim Scott, Author of Radical Candor and a CEO coach, to find out what Forward means to her.

"I am so impressed by the commitment Pleo is making to its culture. The relationships we form at work are what will allow us to continue to thrive in these challenging times — what will help us create a culture of compassionate candor, build teams on which everyone takes a step in the direction of their dreams, and get sh*t done. I am really excited to speak with you all about the core idea of Radical Candor: care personally and challenge directly at the same time."

Who is this event for?

To put it simply: everyone. But let’s get a little more specific. 

If you’re someone looking to create real change in the workplace, Forward will equip you with the tools necessary to transform the way we all work, together. 

You’ll be in the front row, hearing from the experts and leaders who have paved the way when it comes to putting people over profit, culture over quotas, teams over processes. 

It’s time to reimagine the world of work

The world of work has seen change like never before. From its new found openness to international hiring to embracing fully flexible working to its greater emphasis on mental health — more than ever, we’re seeing companies put people first. 

Getting here hasn’t been an easy ride (to say the least). But as we look forward to the future, things are starting to seem a little brighter. 

There are lessons to be learned from the journey here. We're excited to hear what they are and we’re excited to work towards a more positive future. 

The world of work is evolving. Don’t get left behind. 

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