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Established in 1990, Danish advisory firm Revisionsfirmaet Gutfelt A/S is the largest auditing firm in Amager. Gutfelt is an active participant in the local community and prides itself on building professional yet personal relationships with every client – from family-run businesses to international brands. But this human approach is just the tip of the iceberg for Gutfelt: it’s known for digitising foreign interest services, auditing, financial advisory and bookkeeping for businesses in Amager and Copenhagen to help save them precious time.

Pleo is just one of the few hand-picked tools Gutfelt uses to offer its clients a more efficient and streamlined style of expense management, as keeping up with modern technology is key to Gutfelt’s success. We spoke to Andreas Dyrbøl, Gutfelt’s Auditor, to learn about how the company helps to make financial tracking and reporting a breeze.

Andreas, what challenges were you and your clients facing that prompted you to look into Pleo?

The biggest challenges we noticed, both internally and for our clients, were the complexities in expense management and financial tracking. This often led to inefficiencies, prompting us to search for ways to streamline the whole process. We explored solutions like Pleo as the features on offer really help to simplify the financial process using inventive and modern tools. 

By integrating Pleo, we hoped to enhance our service efficiency and provide clients with a more effective, user-friendly approach to handling their financial operations.

Internally, all of our employees manage our clients’ expenses, so having all nine of them set up on Pleo makes everything much easier. 

How does Pleo work alongside the services you offer your clients? 

We have around 500 clients in Copenhagen and Amager, many with an international scope. So far, we have 49 clients using Pleo, with about 160 users in total. As our clientele is made up of both local and international businesses with a broad spectrum of financial and auditing needs, using a tool like Pleo helps us to consolidate everything under one roof.

Pleo's innovative expense management solutions align well with our commitment to providing comprehensive financial services to our clients. 

What’s the biggest impact Pleo has had on you and your clients?

The most compelling difference that Pleo has made is the substantial improvement to the financial process efficiency. For both us and our clients, we’ve noticed a much more streamlined, transparent version of expense management that’s a lot easier to handle. 

Less time spent doing admin has led to greater financial oversight and the ability to better serve our wide range of clients across various industries. Armed with more data, Pleo has enabled better decision making for both Gutfelt and our clients.

Pleo’s innovative tools make financial tracking and reporting so much easier. 

We also love the Fetch and Reimbursements functions, which help immensely with receipt capture and out of pocket expense management. 

How much time do you think Pleo has saved for you and your clients?

Thanks to Pleo, we’re saving considerable amounts of time (we’re talking hours on a monthly basis!). Pleo has helped us significantly reduce our administrative tasks and streamline the expense management and financial reporting processes. We now have way more time to focus on core business activities and what really matters to us. 

For any business looking to optimise their operations, I would confidently say that the efficiency gain from using Pleo is a massive advantage. 

Was there anything about Pleo that surprised you?

Yes, actually. We were pleasantly surprised by Pleo’s user-friendly interface, not to mention the way it seamlessly integrates into our current systems. And the high level of detail it provides in expense tracking really exceeded our expectations.This not only streamlined our workflow but gave our clients an intuitive, easy-to-use tool to manage their finances. 

For Gutfelt, what have you found to be the biggest benefit of being a Pleo Partner?

Being able to offer our clients a cutting-edge tool that enhances their financial management is by far the biggest benefit to our partnership. We’ve strengthened our client relationships tenfold and added value to their service portfolio, as we’ve been able to provide them with a solution that directly addresses their financial admin needs. 

Saving time and money for both you and your clients is just the beginning with Pleo Partnerships. Get discounts for your practice, collect rewards and get exclusive event invites. Learn more about making expenses easier for you and your customers with Pleo Partnerships today.

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