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We spend a huge portion of our lives working. 

For accountants and bookkeepers, their purpose often revolves around helping clients achieve financial stability and success. 

But what about a bigger purpose beyond business profits? 

Maybe it’s making it home in time to enjoy more mealtimes with loved ones, picking up a new hobby, starting a side hustle, or devoting more time to community projects.

According to Stuart Miller, Director, Product Compliance & Industry Engagement at Xero, these goals add a deeper, more meaningful dimension to your professional life. And using the right technologies can transform your working days into a powerful enabler for personal and communal fulfilment.

We were so inspired by Stuart’s session at the Digital Accountancy Show 2024 that we’re sharing how Pleo can make you more efficient at work – and more satisfied outside work.

Why Pleo?

Automating time-consuming processes is a quick win when it comes to getting more precious time back each day. For busy accountants and bookkeepers, Pleo is one way to do that.

Pleo makes buying the things your clients need for work easy, whether that’s buying train tickets or software subscriptions. And the easier it is for them, the easier it is for you. No more chasing them for receipts or lengthy month-end reconciliation.

Empowering your clients with Pleo's smart company cards means less paperwork, less back and forth, less end-of-month stress. Less of all the dull stuff essentially means more time for you to dedicate to whatever makes you happy.

But how exactly does Pleo simplify the process for everyone involved? 

Everything’s in one place

With Pleo’s Partner Portal, you can onboard and manage your clients in one handy hub. 

Get a clear, holistic overview of which clients to work on, as well as all the data you need directly from the ‘Client’ view, instead of needing to click into every client's page and dig even further into their Pleo account. That's right, you can wear all your accounting hats at the drop of …. Well, a hat.

Here, you can also review and approve card and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by your clients' employees, as well as top up their wallet balance to avoid declined transactions.

Because you can see what your clients are buying and when, the portal is a great place to analyse their spending patterns. As every accountant knows, having a real-time overview of spending is essential for providing informed financial advice.

When your clients spend with Pleo online, or using Google Pay or Apple Pay, Fetch matches the receipt to the expense, which falls directly into your inbox. It doesn’t get much more automated than that.

Stay on track thanks to notifications

We all get that feeling when we know that there’s something we need to do, but we can’t remember what. 

No more of that. With Pleo, you can now set daily, weekly or monthly email reminders updating you on a client’s wallet balance, missing receipts and expenses that are ready for export. 

So as an accountant, you always know how much work is waiting for you on each client without having to dig for it.

Exporting expenses is a piece of cake

Our Partners love the fact that Pleo links up beautifully with the accounting tools they use every day, saving them heaps of time. 

You can check how many expenses are ready to be exported in the Partner Portal. Then, simply export everything from Pleo to your client’s accounting system for automatic reconciliation. 

See which accounting tools and ERPs we integrate with in our marketplace.

We don’t just do expenses…

Invoices and reimbursements are taken care of, too.

Give your clients the full picture of all their spend with Pleo Invoices, our one-stop-shop to process, approve and pay supplier invoices directly from the Pleo Wallet. With a dedicated invoices inbox and mobile uploads, your clients’ invoices come straight to Pleo where our OCR technology automatically populates data for you. That’s hours saved.

And forget manual reimbursements done through payroll or bank transfer. With Pleo Reimbursements, your clients’ employees can reimburse themselves as soon as the transaction has been approved. So you can trust that out-of-pocket expenses are submitted, approved and processed in a way that’s within company policy.

"I would recommend Pleo to every company that wants to save time.” - Ben Withinshaw, Director of Surrey Hills Accountancy Limited

Triggering small efficiencies and reducing friction here and there can help you save more time than you thought possible.

Starting today, think about how you can build an hour of efficiency per client. Whether that’s digitising the receipt capture process for them or streamlining end-of-month reconciliation for you, the little things really add up.

Instead of working late into the evening or eating into your own time on weekends, use technologies like Pleo to work smarter, not harder. Become a Pleo Partner for free to unlock benefits like time and money savings for you and your clients.

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