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Founder and CEO Isac Odqvist Goldman explains how Pleo has eliminated time spent on tedious paperwork.

Owning a car should take a lot of hassle out of life. But sometimes, the opposite is true.

Think about the last time you took your car for a service. You dropped it to the garage and then… did what? Spent a few hours flicking through magazines in a nearby café? Walked around the block a few hundred times? Tried to take important work calls from the garage waiting room?

Tidler was born out of a much better idea.

Why not let their team – "Sweden’s best drivers" the website proudly declares – take your car to and from wherever it needs to go. It’s not just servicing either, they’ll deliver your newly-purchased motor right to your front door. Or take it off your hands when you’ve finalised the deal to sell it.

"The problem that we found in the automotive industry was that many of the modern consumers didn't want to go to the workshop or to the dealer to pick up their car [after] repair," says Isac Odqvist Goldman, founder and CEO.

Dealers welcomed the change too – since it meant they could focus their energy where it was needed at busy periods.

Tidler is handy for regular consumers, and maybe even handier for businesses who can’t afford to have their people waiting around for work vehicles to get repaired.

"We need to really invest our time and resources into delivering every single car," says Isac. "That's how we build our service, that's how we focus, that's everything – so that's really rooted into our DNA."


"Having solutions where we can focus on our core [service] and get help in solving these things in a digital way is... key for the success of our company."

Like many fast-growing start-ups, Tidler’s team put a sharp focus on constant improvement of their service. Frankly, there isn’t much time for getting bogged down in paperwork.

But paperwork is what a team of drivers will naturally create. And that’s where Pleo helps Tidler stay in top gear.

Carl-Oscar Ericson, a central dispatcher for Tidler, sees the difference that Pleo makes to those small purchases.

"The drivers use their Pleo cards to refuel the customers’ cars, public transport, wash the cars, it's everything."

The team are “more independent now that they're using Pleo and everything is happening automatically.

"They can address it on the go, they don't have to worry about anything.

"It saves us a lot of time and helps me do my job more efficiently."

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