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Belonging and inclusion

A part of the way we build Belonging at Pleo, is to open source whatever we build. In the beginning of the year, we piloted our Belonging Zine, but found that most people don’t know what a Zine is, so we have iterated on our format. Introducing, Zine 2.0!

For this, we ran a workshop where we took 130+ people through an Unconscious Bias & Inclusion Train the Trainer Workshop, and recorded it to make sure it was available async.

Why unconscious bias & inclusion training?

Unconscious Bias training is hotly debated, as to whether it improves biases, or (gulp) makes them worse. We followed a research-backed method when building ours, and ran research through our live training with over 800 participants, to observe whether people had become more inclusive after it, or not.

The results were very encouraging - we saw that people from the dominant group (not a marginalised identity) became more inclusive after having gone through the training.

Unconscious Bias & Inclusion training at Pleo is an annual, compulsory training that our people go through, in order to become more inclusive towards one another.


Without further ado, here are the resources we hope can help you in launching this training at your company 👇

  1. Unconscious Bias & Inclusion Train the Trainer Workshop recording (all you need to run the training)
  2. Unconscious Bias & Inclusion training deck template, to use when running the training

How to use the training

It’s important to add that this as a standalone practice will not solve Belonging at organisations. However, with a series of inclusive practices, policies & processes, this is one more tool in the toolkit to help others become more mindful of stereotypes, assumptions, and judgments, and it will help your employees to become more aware and inclusive.

Erm, we don’t have anything in place. Do you have any other recommendations?

If this is the first step you’re taking to build Belonging, it’s a good first step! Here are some resources that might help you out with some other initiatives:

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