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Meet Olga from the German Pleo Team

Meet the people working at Pleo

Here at Pleo, we take pride in our unique hiring process, in the team we built and the people we are working with. If it wasn’t for each and every one of them, Pleo wouldn’t be the same. Their stories and visions tell a lot about what makes Pleo such a special place and  a great company to work for.

We’re putting some of these people in the spotlight, so they can tell you, in their own words, what working at Pleo is all about.

Meet our German team 🇩🇪

Our Berlin office gang is truly one of a kind… they are ambitious and never miss  out on the  chance to have some fun – or dance. We’ve seen some pretty special dance moves going down in the office. 🧐 😜

Last time, we introduced you to Jonas, who is spearheading our partnership efforts in Germany. If you missed it, have a look here.

Now, you’ll get to know Olga – one of our customer success superstars in Germany. 

Let’s get to it …

Meet Olga, Customer Success Associate at Pleo

What do you do at Pleo?

I joined Pleo in early 2021 as a BDR but switched departments after about half a year. Starting out as a BDR taught me a lot about the industry, our market and customer needs when it comes to business spend management. Using the knowledge I gained working on the sales side, I can now validate product requirements by building and maintaining meaningful relationships with our customers as a part of the Customer Success team.

Day to day, I’m  responsible for onboarding, educating and empowering customers to reach their desired outcome. We want our  users to be able to tackle their problems in an effortless and intuitive way, so I work to generate insights and relay them to our team to help our customers get there!

What were you doing before Pleo?

I lived in South America for a year, then studied language and communication in Barcelona and Berlin. Shortly after, I started at Tesla, working in sales to help expansion into the Polish market.

I wanted to stay in e-mobility, but work for a company whose product I could see myself using everyday, so I joined unu, an e-scooter start up.

Why did you join Pleo?

I’ve known the pain of tedious and unintuitive expense reports all too well, so I instantly related to the product. With every interview round I connected with more inspiring, unbelievably smart and kind people and my gut feeling told me that this is what I wanted to be a part of and contribute to.

What’s surprised you most about working here?

The same things that were my main reasons for joining, actually. What wows me everyday is the effort, thoughtfulness, creativity and sheer brain power of all my colleagues who are innovating something as boring and historically unpopular as expense reports!

What excites you about the road ahead with Pleo?

New team members to learn from, new markets, features and problems to solve in ingenious ways. And the fact that we make sure we don’t lose sight of the most important thing along the way: our kick-ass team culture.

Want to learn more about our Berlin office and the Pleo team driving forward-think initiatives in Germany? Keep an eye on our Berlin team here on the blog.

Want to know more about Olga? Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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