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Dominic Klingeberg, Pleo

Meet the people working at Pleo

Here at Pleo, we take pride in our unique hiring process, in the team we built, and the people we're working with. If it wasn’t for each and every one of them, Pleo wouldn’t be the same. Their stories and visions say a lot about what makes Pleo such a special place and such a great company to work for.

It’s about time to put at least some of them in the spotlight, so they can tell you in their own words what working at Pleo is all about.

Meet our German team 🇩🇪

Our Berlin office gang is truly one of a kind … they are ambitious and never leave out a chance to have some fun – or a dance. We’ve seen some pretty special dance moves going on in the office. 🧐 😜

In general, they are a pretty relaxed bunch of people … as you can tell from their choice of shoes in the picture above.

Last time we introduced you to André, our Head of Sales in Germany. If you missed it, have a look here.

This time around, you will get to know one of our most impressive Pleo influencers on LinkedIn a little better. Make sure to connect with him here.

Intrigued? Here we go …

Let’s meet Dominic, Senior Account Executive Pleo Germany

Dominic, what do you do at Pleo?

In my role as Senior Account Executive in the German sales team, most of the time I talk to companies’ CEOs, finance and HR teams. I try to find out if Pleo can help them to optimise their current spending culture and processes, as well as to increase their productivity and get rid of tedious paperwork when it comes to expenses. 

The cool thing about this? Imagine you’re talking to companies like Gorillas, Blinkist and Helpling ​​🤩 … well, that’s what I do at Pleo.
Our Goal? Growing our customer base to 1 million empowered users until 2025.

What were you doing before?

I've been working in sales for almost 10 years now. I started my career as an intern at Estrel Hotel Berlin, worked for AIDA for a couple of months, before I discovered my passion for start-ups. I basically did everything in sales you can imagine: from B2C, B2B, partnerships and even B2G (yes, this really exists). In my previous role at PARK NOW Group, I was talking to mayors and decision makers in the public sector about how to implement mobile payment for parking in cities.

Why did you join Pleo?

Because of the team.

I had a couple of Zoom interviews at the beginning of the hiring process, but when I met the team in person, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with them.

Everyone is having fun at work and everyone loves what they do – and now I do as well.
Of course I believed in the product too. I knew the pain of paying out of pocket and using clunky tools for reimbursements from my previous jobs.
Looking back, joining Pleo was the best decision! You can’t put a price tag on an outstanding company culture –  and I’m not talking about fresh fruits, Club Mate or table football at the office.

What’s surprised you most about working here?

  1. The onboarding experience
    I got my own Pleo card, MacBook and amazing company merch already one week before I started. The first couple of days I got to know the company and departments, while attending our outstanding Bricks programme.
    Thanks again to Evangelos & the People Team!
  2. Our (management) team
    So many inspiring people are working for Pleo, and they are truly living our values of being human, trustworthy, transparent and entrepreneurs at heart. In many companies, values and strategy is just something you find on paper but not in action. Pleo is different. The density of talent within this company is incredible.
  3. Being valued at work
    I guess this should be normal right? But most companies are trying to control their employees rather than empowering them to do their best work.
    I was surprised to learn that a company like Pleo really does exist. Here, employees are being trusted and everyone can be themselves.

What excites you about the road ahead with Pleo?

It feels a bit like sitting on a rocketship which is ready to take off.
We just raised another $200 million which will be invested mainly in the product, new market launches and hiring new people. This comes along with huge growth in the next couple of years – for the company, for us, as a team and me personally.
I’m excited to build something great …

To help more companies to revolutionize the way they spend …

And to inspire and welcome many more team members to the Pleo family.

Want to learn more about our Berlin office and the Pleo team driving forward-think initiatives in Germany? Keep an eye on our Berlin team here on the blog.

Want to know more about Dominic? Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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