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Persuading people in charge to do cool stuff isn’t just empowering. It’s fun, too.

Kids learn that early.

What was sweeter than convincing the teacher to wrap up the last class of the day five minutes early? Talking a parent into letting you get an ice cream? Or convincing the babysitter to let you stay up late?

But you’re a grown-up now.

Your opportunities to convince people in charge (your boss) to do cool stuff are a bit more limited. You need to bring them research, persuasive arguments and a plan.

Even if you’re proposing something as cool as signing up to Pleo. Our smart, prepaid company cards mean no more expense reports, out-of-pocket spending or desperate receipt hunts.

Plenty of managers understand how that will streamline the way your company runs. But some need a little bit more help.

That’s where we come in.

Get your game face on and explain the following to your boss, get them to try Pleo, and everyone's a winner.

Pleo’s going to save them money

Probably the best way to convince your boss to do anything: save them money.

That’s what Pleo can do. Right away.

It stops staff wasting valuable time on filing expenses manually, freeing them up to do work that’s much more useful. Time is money, after all.

Want to impress your boss? Save them money.

It keeps staff happy (and happy staff are much more productive) and it just so happens to reduce the chance of expense fraud.

Work out how much Pleo might save your business with this calculator. It might surprise you.

Pleo means less hassle

One thing managers love is when you take problems off their plate. Pleo removes some of the most tedious tasks from a supervisor’s monthly to-do list.

For years, too many managers have been suffering as their companies lumber under the old ways of doing expenses.

When these bosses aren't filling in reports, they’re chasing employees for receipts. When things go wrong, they have to get to the bottom of who spent what and when.

It makes their relationship with workers more confrontational than it needs to be.

The vast majority of managers don’t want it that way.

Our software gives managers and finance teams such a smooth experience of managing business spending, they’ll wonder why they put up with unnecessary stress for so long.

Pleo means better oversight

Bosses can get a proper insight into company spending with Pleo, not just once-a-month-have-to-dig-for-the-details insight. Not panic-over-how-much-was-spent insight.

Here’s how it works:

Pleo gives managers a real-time overview of how their team members are spending money via our Analytics dashboard.

Spending limits are set for each employee from the off and cards can be frozen if needed.

Managers can set multi-step approvals and budgets to stay in control. They can even pre-block ATM withdrawals if they want to. The sky is the limit with our spend controls.

If they’re the boss of five sales reps, they get a notification when any of those reps use their Pleo card ⁠— and can see what’s been bought.

The boss can view the receipt straight away, as well as any notes that provide further information on the purchase.

Who wouldn’t prefer that to scrambling to find out who used the company card three weeks ago and never submitted an expense report?

Pleo means giving their employees something cool

Seriously cool.

There’s a reason why Pleo encourages new customers to use their cards as soon as possible, even if it’s on a small transaction like a chocolate bar.

It’s because users see the benefits of Pleo straight away.

Dishing out Pleo cards can turn a manager into an office superstar.

But the manager who introduces Pleo feels a more delayed, but no less fantastic, sense of having made a positive difference.

Not only that, but our Pleo cards arrive in a really impressive and eye-catching package. Dishing them out makes you a bit of a superstar in the office, honest.

As perks of the job go, it’s a great one to give to new hires and established team members alike.

Pleo means building trust

91% of managers struggle to communicate effectively with their workers, according to one survey (of workers). It’s a big challenge, in which both sides probably feel a bit under-appreciated.

You know what makes communication infinitely easier? Trust.

Sadly a lack of trust is another big issue for modern leaders. 20% of workers don’t trust their senior managers and half of those say that’s because of a lack of transparency.

Does an outdated expense management system help that? Of course it doesn’t.

It involves friction and often lots of negative back-and-forth. It’s difficult to build trust if you’re both dealing with the imperfections of manual expense management.

And it’s very hard as an employee to feel trusted if you have to beg to use the company card or dip into your own funds to pay for something.

Why Pleo? Because we’re a practical way for managers to buck that trend. Trust and transparency are at the core of our product.

And if your boss signs up to try us out, a new relationship can be built around that trust.

Pleo means doing something innovative

Sometimes we forget that our bosses also have bosses that they’re trying to impress.

Bosses want to be seen to be having a positive impact on their team. They want to be seen to be boosting productivity, improving morale and retaining their very best staff.

So many Pleo customers tell us they’ve experienced these benefits (and more) within a few weeks of signing up with us.

Productivity shoots up because less time is wasted on expenses.

Morale improves because business spending stops being a chore. Instead, it’s an enjoyable, user-friendly experience.

And managers have a better chance of keeping their best workers because of that all-important increase in trust and transparency.

That’s the kind of thing any boss can proudly present at a performance review.

But if they still need convincing…

Send your boss some of our customer stories, so they can see the Pleo magic from someone else's eyes.

They might be swayed by the fact we saved Cubitts over £100 per user each month. Or that we freed up time for the founder of Koto to focus on more strategic conversations, helping the business to grow.

Once they’ve been won over, your boss can book in a demo call with one of our ever-helpful sales team and let them take it from there.

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