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It’s a good time to be ambitious. For many businesses across Europe, there’s a surge in goodwill and positive signs of growth.

Pleo’s no different.

Our stated mission is to become the go-to spending solution for forward-thinking teams everywhere. 

That means taking bold steps to show more businesses, of all shapes and sizes, the difference Pleo can make to their spending and their culture. 

So, how’s this for bold? We’re going Free.

Our Free price plan means new users can take advantage of Pleo’s most popular features, for up to 5 users – at no charge.

Ready to go Free?

The word “free” has a special power, so maybe you’ve already heard everything you need to and are ready to start using Pleo. 

We love that energy… And you’re in luck.

The Free price plan is live, right now, in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. It will follow later this year in Spain.

And shout out to the customers in Germany who showed such a keen appetite for Free during the trial over the last few months. We've learned a lot from you!

The Free price plan includes a select catalogue of Pleo features – for up to 5 users. 

That includes physical and virtual Pleo cards for your team, as well as digital receipt capture and automated expense reports through our app.

On top of the fundamentals, you’ll experience some of the extra cool things Pleo can do. 

Things like best-in-class accounting integrations, out-of-pocket expense management and our automatic email receipt finder Fetch. It’s just a few months since we launched Pleo Invoices, to help you manage and pay invoices – that’s included too.

On top of all that, the Free plan also grants Pleo access to any external bookkeeper who might handle your accounts.

Free gives you a chance to see how Pleo can transform business spending.

Why Free?

Well, we asked our co-founder and CEO Jeppe Rindom that very question.

How Free can help your business

Every Pleo customer (or potential customer) is unique in how they use our service. 

And we’re confident that companies signing up for Free will span a pretty broad spectrum too. Which is cool, because that’s how we designed it to work.

In charge of spending for an SME, start-up or consultancy? Pleo Free can help you get good spending practices in place from the early stages of growth. And since our product is designed to build trust and transparency around company money, you’re getting a tool that creates the right kind of culture.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a bigger business, Pleo Free could be just what you need. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

But seriously, Free offers the perfect taste test for what our solution can bring to larger companies. You can dish out five cards to key spenders or decision-makers in the company (or even to one team) and sample a whole new way to manage spending. 

We already know this is the kind of gentle way of introducing Pleo that some customers love.

Life after Free

For some companies, Free will take care of what they need on the spend management front. But we’re betting that for many others, it’ll be the first step in their Pleo journey.

Our paid plans are there for people that need to add more users or are keen for things like individual limits and reviews.

Pro: For £10 a month per user, customers get more flexibility, customisation and insights – they can also add more than 5 users. With this plan, you can set individual spending limits and reviews for purchases over a certain limit.

Premium: Built for larger teams, our sales team can help talk about the price for this service with anyone interested. Sign up for this and you can expect all the benefits of Pro, plus a dedicated account manager and lots of extra on-site help.

Our team are ready to talk to you about what plan is the best fit for your business. We can’t wait to help you sort your spending – just head to our Pricing page to get started.

Smarter spending for your business

Save time on tedious admin and make smarter business decisions for the future. Join Pleo today.

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