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People management

Managing teams of people is difficult enough without expenses thrown in the mix. Knowing who has which card or from what team an expense came is nearly impossible if everyone’s sharing cards and not uploading expenses in a centralised space.

But when people have their own cards, plus a simple way to report purchases, things get much easier. 

With Pleo, managing both company cards and expenses goes hand in hand. Finance teams can assign cards to specific people and set individual limits for complete control over how much funds people have access to. Let’s see how!

Adding people to Pleo is easy

To get an employee started with Pleo, all you need is their work email address. This will send them an invite, and once accepted, they’re in. 

Depending on the Plan your company decides to go for, there are a few options you can choose when it comes to how people can spend:

1. Virtual card: It lives up to its name - a virtual card is simply an online card that employees can use to make travel bookings, order supplies or any other online purchases.

2. Physical card: Ideal for those employees who travel, take clients out for lunch or just have a lot of ad-hoc purchases that would make their day-to-day that much easier. 

3. Reimbursements: Not all employees need a card. For those that only make a couple of purchases a month, they can enter their bank details and manually submit an expense through Pleo. And then reimburse themselves!

If inviting an employee as reimbursements-only, head over to our Help Centre to follow the specific steps. 

How to keep track of people on Pleo

To allow for easy management of the different people and teams you add to Pleo, there’s the People overview.

From here, you can add new or delete Pleo users, set individual spending limits and create teams for grouped expense management. 

Create teams for budget tracking

Managing teams across departments, offices and markets can often be a challenge. 

With Pleo, you can create teams to allow for better control over different departments’ expenses. This allows people to categorise their purchases by team, enabling finance to see which teams aren’t sticking to the set budget or are spending less than originally planned. This allows areas of saved costs to be quickly identified, making adjusting budgets accordingly easy too. 

You can also set up multi-entity management for teams across borders to keep track of what’s going on across markets.

Stay in control of how much people spend

One final step when it comes to people and team spending management is setting individual spending limits.  

There are a few different spend controls you can set for each Pleo user in your organisation:

  • Card limits: Automatically freeze a card once it reaches a specified limit, whether monthly or altogether. 
  • Purchase limit: Set a threshold for how much a user can spend in a single transaction. 
  • Temporary limit: In the case someone is travelling or needs to spend a bit more, simply increase their limit and set a date for when to revert to the original limit.

You can set them all, or just a few: it’s completely customisable and flexible to suit your company. 

Managing your people’s spend doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Learn more about how to manage your teams with Pleo at our Help Centre

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