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Starting your search for the perfect accountant can be pretty intimidating. Not to mention confusing. How do you know where to look? Should you choose based on recommendations or price? Is it worth the cost?

Once you’ve decided your business could use some help, count on Pleo to help you find the right one. Our new Partner Directory showcases our best-performing Silver, Gold and Platinum level accountancy partners, so you can trust that they come with the highest level of recommendation.

Not only this, but working closely with a Pleo Partner also means that you can potentially benefit from exclusive discounts, and even get the inside scoop with future features on our roadmap.

Whether you need a bookkeeper to help tidy up your accounts, or you’re looking to completely digitise your finance stack and move to the cloud, there’s an accountancy practice for you on Pleo.

Why do you need an accountant?

There are a number of reasons you might need to hire an accountancy practice. 

One of the most common is if your business is rapidly expanding. For example, if you’re opening offices overseas or buying another business. As your organisation grows, the finances naturally become more complex, so it might make sense to bring an accountant on board. We even enlisted the help of Platinum Partner, Goodwille, when launching Pleo in the UK. They helped us with everything from payroll to corporate governance and, of course, accounting procedures.

As an SMB or startup, you might not have the funds or resources to hire a full-time CFO. Outsourcing that work to a “Virtual Finance Director” accountant could be more cost effective than bringing someone in-house, while still giving you that crucial board-level support.

Simply staying afloat is a priority for a lot of businesses right now and, much like we saw in the pandemic, your accountant can be that crucial partner in crime in weathering the storm. A turbulent economy and rising prices have put a strain on supply chains for some, so it’s never been more important to know how much money is coming in and out of your business. A reliable accountant can help you stay on top of your cash flow so you don’t run out of money and can plan better for the future.

Still not sure whether to outsource the number crunching to someone else? Ask yourself if any of these apply to you:

  • You need advice building a digitised finance stack to make you as paperless and as real-time as possible
  • You don’t have time to file your tax returns
  • You’re not sure whether to take out a loan or raise equity
  • You need advice about your company’s legal structure
  • You’re thinking of buying a business (or selling your own)

If any of these ring true, then it’s probably time to find an accountancy practice. 

The Pleo Partner Directory has you covered

Browse a whole host of accountancy practices that partner with Pleo, all in one place. Are you an SMB looking for a full service finance team? Maybe you’re a retail business looking for help with billing and payroll? We work with a diverse range of partners, all of whom come with the Pleo seal of approval.

Read the short description of the accountancy practice under its name, and hit ‘Contact partner’ to get in touch with them directly. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the firm – just drop us an email at

If you’re already a Bronze level Pleo Partner, you’re just a few referrals away from securing your listing. 

Getting a spot on the Partner Directory is exclusive to our Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners (which could also get you access to exclusive client discounts, a share of revenue and invites to VIP events!). Log into your Partner Portal to see how many clients you need to refer to unlock your next tier.

Not yet a Pleo Partner? Learn more about the benefits – both monetary and otherwise – you can unlock with our brand new Partner Programme and start climbing those tiers.

Boost your practice today

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