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When you think of Pleo, we don’t want you to just think of better business spending. We want you to think of better bookkeeping too.

It’s something we’ve put a lot of focus on.

First came Pleo’s integration with E-conomic, something crucial to many of our Danish customers.

Then we launched our Xero integration as the number of Pleo customers in the UK grew.

And when we launched in Sweden, we worked hard to make sure Pleo worked faultlessly with Fortnox.

Now it’s time to meet the new kid on the integration block: Quickbooks.

Bringing Quickbooks and Pleo together

Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting systems in the UK.

Fans love the software’s features and ease-of-use, with many small businesses in particular relying on it.

And now Pleo is happy to announce our integration with Quickbooks:
it’s comprehensive, it’s straightforward and it’s here to help you do

How it works

All of your transaction data can now be synced directly into the
chart of accounts of your choice in Quickbooks when an export is made.

That includes the receipts, categories, VAT (also split VAT, if needed), classes, customers/projects, and any custom notes.

This allows you to avoid having to import everything using a .csv
file – or worse, inputting everything manually – and not only saves you
countless hours every month but also saves you from potentially costly
human errors.

How to set it up

Setting it up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

1. Head over to the web app, and on the left-hand menu, click on Settings. Choose ‘Quickbooks Online’ from the menu.

2. You will be prompted to connect your Quickbooks account with Pleo on a separate page.

3. Log in and click Next.

4. Now that your Pleo and Quickbooks accounts are connected, follow the steps here to learn how to set up your categories and tax codes, and how to make an export.

Let us know what you think

If you’re a Pleo customer using Quickbooks, we encourage you to give
this integration a spin and share any feedback, comments or questions
you might have with us.

You can, as always, reach out to us at

Not using Pleo yet? Try a demo

If you use Quickbooks and are looking for a new, simpler way to
manage your company expenses, Pleo might be the solution you’re looking

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