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Whether it’s digital, or lovely and leather, wallets are a necessity for keeping your cards and money together. It’s no different for Pleo! 

Want to know how it works? Let’s break it down.

What is the Pleo Wallet? 

The Pleo Wallet is a centralised pot of funds that all Pleo users in your organisation will pull from when making a purchase. This means there’s no need to top-up cards individually as spenders’ cards are connected to the Wallet. But with set spending limits, you can ensure that they don’t overspend and stick to budget. 

The Wallet connects both your Pleo and business bank accounts, allowing you to transfer funds easily from one to the other. 

Keeping the company funds safe

Pleo doesn’t hold your money. In fact, it doesn’t even come through us. 

For security, we have top-tier partnerships with J.P Morgan and Danske Bank to keep your funds in a safeguarded account, connected to your business bank account. 

For enhanced security, our separate licensed entity, Pleo Financial Services, then handles every transaction you make through Pleo. So you can rest easy knowing that your funds are highly protected.

How it works

Your Pleo account links directly to your business account. When you top-up your Wallet, i.e. add funds, you can choose to send money through either Open banking, bank transfer or Direct Debit. 

This money then gets sent to a safeguarded bank account with J.P Morgan or Danske Bank. 

Real-time visibility of company spend

Having a centralised pot of funds makes it much easier for both your finance team and those spending. Finance knows that funds come from only one source and have a real-time overview of all transactions as they occur. 

Since individual cards don’t need to be topped up, every single transaction is easily visible as they all come from the same source, eliminating the need to track down individual purchases. 

Not to mention the ease for employees: no more worrying about out-of-pocket purchases and waiting for reimbursements. With the Wallet, there’s always money available so once their reimbursements are approved, they simply reimburse themselves. 


Topping-up the Wallet is a piece of cake. It can even be automated to make it that much sweeter. 

All you need are your bank and transfer details and voilà! It’s that simple. 

You can even set predetermined amounts which are handy if you regularly top-up by a specific amount. Or, automate the whole process!

Avoid low balance panic

Automatic top-ups ensure you never run out of funds. You can turn this setting on or off, depending on how automated you want your Wallet to be. But we recommend giving it a go.

Being able to customise the amount to be transferred when the balance falls below a specified amount makes sure that no purchase is made without sufficient funds in the Wallet. This avoids any instances of a card getting declined or a SaaS subscription going unpaid – we’ve got you covered! 

Setting up your Pleo Wallet couldn't be simpler. Ready to get started? Head over to our Help Centre to learn more. 

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